Victory Over the Darkness:

Realize the Power of Your Identity in Christ

by Neil T. Anderson

Mental health problems can be hugely burdensome and can fill a Christian’s life with shame and fear. It can be difficult to know how to think about mental health challenges, for you or your loved one, from the perspective of the Bible. Neil T. Anderson is a seasoned Christian counsellor who has published many books on Christian Psychology. ‘Victory over the Darkness: Realize the Power of Your Identity in Christ’ gives a full overview of what it means to understand mental health from a biblical perspective. In this book, Neil T. Anderson provides many tools to grasping what our identity is as a child of God, and what this means for our thoughts, emotions, relationships and choices.

Reasons   this   book   might   be   for   you:

1)      If you have any wounds from other people that you are struggling to heal from.

This book helps us to understand where wounds come from. We all know that our healing comes from Jesus: the Bible says that by His stripes we are healed. When we experience emotions and hurt from other people, we may not be sure what exactly God wants us to ‘do’ or how we are to move forward exactly. Neil T. Anderson gives great insights into how knowing our identity in Christ can bring relief to wounds we have collected over time.


2)      What does it mean to have an identity in Christ?

Maybe you’ve heard that phrase thrown around a bit – an identity in Christ. Neil T. Anderson includes a few lists of verses that refer to your identity as a child of God. ‘Victory Over the Darkness’ is truly an amazing resource on understanding who you are in the eyes of a loving God. Neil T. Anderson also breaks down the human person into parts of mental, spiritual and physical and explains in what way these different areas of yourself relate to our identity and our mental health.


3)      Jesus is great but what do I do with my [anxiety, addiction, trauma]

If you have something specific you are going through and you don’t know how to link this to the story of Jesus, to the Bible, to the gospel – if they seem like they are just not matching up for you: read ‘Victory Over the Darkness’. Take it and discuss it with other believers in your life. Read the verses they refer to and pray over them and ask the Holy Spirit for true revelation of the verses.


4)      If you’re a counsellor or thinking about Chrisitian counselling

If you’re a Christian counsellor and you haven’t read ‘Victory Over the Darkness’, there will definitely be something you can take from this book – even if it’s just reinforcement that you are on the right track with your counselling. If you are a counsellor and you’ve read this book please share with the rest of us in the comment section how it impacted your counselling.


5)      If you are struggling with any temptations

It is so frustrating to be caught in ongoing sin. This book is a great source of teaching. There is no substitute for the Bible but Mr Anderson really explains from a depth of experience how to overcome temptation and how to understand temptation theologically.





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