The Science of God

by Gerald L. Schroeder

If you believe in God you know that science and the Bible do not contradict one another, rather they complement one another. Oftentimes there is mystery waiting to be discovered in science that will point us evermore towards the creator. This book is the perfect companion for those who are struggling with the seeming contradictions of scientific research and biblical teachings.



This author has a PhD in nuclear physics and earth and planetary sciences so I would say as far as experts go he is a great teacher to guide us through understanding scientific links. However he does not use excessive scientific jargon and does his best to reach the layman by explaining concepts from a grass roots level. In order to reach all readers, he will even go so far as to suggest than one skip a few pages ahead should they not wish to dive deeper into scientific terminologies, formulas  and experiments in all of their complexities.


It’s true that the Bible as a book is not first and foremost a scientific book. However as Christians we believe that the Bible is wholly and completely true and that God does not lie. This has caused friction with various scientific fields since what the Bible says is true does not always seem to translate well with our experience of the physical world. It is a great read for the curious minded but also for those who are interested in apologetics and would like to answer friends’ questions about the veracity of the Bible. I only picked up this book after I read something very strange in a philosophy textbook. The textbook said that if any portion of an argument is untrue then the whole philosophy should be rejected. So since the world could not have been created in six days, we are to reject the entire bible. I thought that was wholly unfair and I hadn’t given much thought to the idea so I quickly picked up ‘The Science of God’ to look deeper into whether there were any evidence for 6 days of creation. I was blown away and so impressed by the application of science to the 6 day creation theory. I think Mr Schroeder probably goes into more detail on this question in his previous book, Genesis and the Big Bang. Other difficult questions that are covered include: the science of free will, why bad things happen, dinosaurs, evolution, and the age of the universe.






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Published by: Broadway Books

Date: 1997

Goodreads Rating: 3.89

Amazon Rating: 4.6