Managing God's Money: A Biblical Guide

by Randy Alcorn

Category: Finances, Lifestyle, Doctrine


Money money money. We cannot live with it and we cannot live without it. Well actually we can’t live without it. Money links us to the world and Jesus made it clear that the way we use money is very important – but how do we know that we are using money in a way that honours Him? Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about money?


It’s so healthy to have a healthy view on money. The title makes it very clear that this book is about stewardship. Stewardship is a biblical principal is about managing what is put into our care for a temporary time. Money is not essentially and eternally ours but what matters is what we do with what we have right now.


1. Does the bible say anything about the tiny details?

This book is so comprehensive, and yet it is set out in a user-friendly question-and-answer format. Managing God’s Money covers topics such as biblical emphasis on money, what is stewardship, being prepared to give an answer for the way we spend money, false beliefs about money for example demonising money, or materialism, eternal rewards, giving, wisdom about investing, debt, lifestyle choices, teaching children about money, giving to the church.


2. What is a true biblical perspective on wealth?

Randy Alcorn challenges readers to look deeper into financial abundance. Is it really a blessing or can a lot of money be a lot of problems? He investigates the issue of ‘financial prosperity’ in the light of Jesus calling to a faithful and obedient life.


3. If you really feel truly constricted by stuff and by overspending or keeping to a budget – how do we live in Christ’s freedom with regards to this very real requirement of money management?

Managing God’s Money takes a candid look at stewardship, tithing, budgeting and lifestyle choices in light of our identity as God’s children. We are challenged to ask ourselves whether by incurring debts we are ‘manoeuvring God into a position by which we significantly increase our future needs through debt, then claim he’s promised to meet our needs.’


4. If you have kids and want them to grow in godly money management

A whole chapter is dedicated to practical ways to teach children money habits to carry them into adulthood. Even if you're only thinking about having children or assist in any child-related ministry, this chapter is food for thought on passing on instruction - not to mention simplyfying concepts. Wisdom should be transferred!


5. Does the bible really require me to give money to the church and if so, how much?

Tithing will always be a question as long as church is around. Randy Alcorn takes the reader deep into scripture to examine what God asks us to give to our churches and the work of the ministry.


Personally, I particularly loved Randy Alcorn’s insights on retirement. Lots of people today celebrate the idea of retiring early, which can lead to despising work. He points out that nowhere in the Bible does God ask people to stop working! In a very fresh perspective he encourages readers to pray about our retirement packages and how much we should save for retirement, if at all.