Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message

by Ravi Zacharias

Apologetics is all about giving a reason for our faith in Jesus. One of the greatest apologists of our time is Ravi Zacharias, who sadly passed away in May of 2020. This was really a great loss to the Christian community and Ravi Zacharias will be remembered as being a man of great faith, wisdom and love, who pointed always towards Jesus as his Saviour. What made Ravi Zacharias a very special man was his unique blend of knowledge and grace. He told stories and seemed to understand the human condition so well at the same time he had a very deep well of insight. He is often quoting great thinkers and relating interesting personal encounters.


 Jesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message was published in 2002 by Thomas Nelson. It has a 4.2 on Goodreads and a 4.7 on Amazon. As the title suggests this book compares the many world religions to the claims of Jesus Christ. If Jesus really is the only way to heaven, as He Himself claims, is there a way to prove that He is actually unique among gods? Ravi takes us on a fascinating journey through many worldviews to explain why he believes Jesus is actually one of a kind.

Reasons   this   book   might   be   for   you:

1)  Jesus on the relationship between soul and body

Ravi Zacharias explains in detail why Jesus is unique among gods because of the virgin birth. Jesus was God incarnated into human form, meaning He was god dwelling in a human body. This brings great dignity to the human body: God says the human body is good.


Jesus was also unique in that his life was completely sinless: critics had to fabricate fault to prosecute Him... Ravi Zacharias explain whys this is important.


2)  Karma and Reincarnation

Perhaps you have come across some Christians that have adopted both reincarnation and principles of karma into their religious belief system, which are not biblically founded truths. Ravi Zacharias explains how these adaptations from other religious truths are not consistent with Jesus’ teaching.


3)  Brief points on atheism

Atheistic philosopher Bertrand Russell is quoted in Jesus Among Other Gods in answering the question as to what he would say if he were to reach heaven, face God and realise he had made a mistake: “I will tell Him that He did not give me enough evidence.” Faith is a confidence in Jesus that takes humility but is not beyond reason: Ravi Zacharias explains why he believes that faith is actually incredibly reasonable. This book doesn’t go into detail on this point but does give a broad outline on the compatibility of faith and reason.


4)  Exlusivity of Truth

Ravi Zacharias explains that truth is exclusive and that the Christian message presents itself as truth. He points out that although popular culture would have us believe so, all religions do not say that all religions are the same. At the heart of every religion is an commitment to a certain way of defining God's character, and ultimately the meaning of life for humans. Many would say that religions have a different superficial appearance but fundamentally are the same. In Jesus Among Other Gods, Ravi Zacharias points out in great detail why this cannot be true. Truth by definition cannot be subjective.


5)  Personal communion with a god?

Atheistic an pantheistic world views deny that it is possible to have a relationship with god. Jesus is unique in His claim that people could have free intimacy with the God of heaven. 





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