What does it mean to be a member of

Kate's Book Club?


This is an online, virtual book club for Christian fiction and nonfiction books.


The Book Club votes together on what they would like to read as our book of the month, and then come together to discuss the book at the end of each month. Voting and announcement of winning book of the month take place over email.


Book Club members also get access to regular competitions and lucky draws.


"I don't think I have time to read one book a month!"

I get it - so many books, so little time! You may participate (read / vote / attend discussions) as much as you would like! You could even join the book discussion to see whether the book would be worth your time to read.


"How much does it cost?"

Membership is completely free but you will have to get ahold of each book of the month somehow for reading. 


"Sounds good - I'd love to join!"

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