Gods of the New Age

by Caryl Matrisciana

As New Age beliefs continue to infiltrate the church, there has never been a more vital time for Christians to educate themselves on the deception that is in this belief system. Gods of the New Age by Caryl Matrisciana was one of the first books about cults and the new age. The book begins with Caryl Mtriciana’s personal testimony of her interactions with the New Age. She eventually realises that Jesus alone is God, and can alone fill her life with true love and freedom. She goes on to become an expert on cults, teaching others how to recognise counterfeit gospel messages. This book explains why these cults have their roots in new age thinking, what that means for the church, and the relationship between New Age and the antichrist. 

1) Understanding the New Age, its historicity and influence as false preaching in the church

This book is a must in understanding where New Age thinking comes from. New Age is cloaked in a sort of vagueness and is difficult to recognise and pinpoint unless you are familiar with the red flags that Caryl Matrisciana explains in this book. I believe that many of the New Age deceptions have infiltrated the church today - masquerading as new and improved paths to be closer to the Christian God. Christians should be on their guard against such false teaching. Jesus warned against false teachers that He said would come to lead saints astray (Matthew 5:19; Mark 13:5-6) and 18 of the 27 New Testament books warn against false teachings.


2) Why practices like Yoga, dream interpretation, hypnosis and meditation should not be acceptable to Christians

Yoga, dream interpretation, hypnosis and meditation all aim to bypass the human consciousness and access a sort of unconsciousness, subconsciousness and ultimately a supposed ‘cosmic consciousness’ or an impersonal god-force. This is contrary to Jesus teaching that we are to choose God consciously and to love Him with our minds. We are to be made spiritually alive by being born again, not spiritually alive by ‘accessing’ some unknown spirit realm with knowledge of secret spiritual tricks. In The Gods of the New Age, the relationship between the Kundalini spirit, that is, the spirit of Hinduism, and many of the New Age practices is made clear.


3) Why humanism and humanistic psychology are really demonic

Humanism teaches that all people have unlimited potential and that the purpose of life is to ‘self-actualize’, or to become one’s best self. Humanism teaches that we are all gods. It directly (though this may not always be obvious) rejects that man is a sinner who needs to repent to God in order to be justified and sanctified. Unfortunately, the church is absorbing teachings of humanism and Christians are often encouraged to engage in humanistic activities that exalt self. The Bible however teaches that we need to draw from the Holy Spirit to be a new man, a new creation. There is nothing inherently good about man without God. 


4) Distinguishing Christ from Antichrist: the coming climax of the New Age and testing the spirits


Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. But you know the Spirit of God: Every Spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in this world. 1 John 4:1 - 3


Our current postmodern culture teaches that truth is relative. We touched on this point in Ravi Zachrias’s Jesus Among Other Gods. Although it is true that we may experience life differently, the Bible teaches that there is one truth and one God. New Age thinking would have us believe that ‘all is one’, that we are all a part of a vast cosmic energy and that all paths lead to this same energy or god. In the Gods of the New Age, Caryl Matrisciana teaches us that we should test all spirits since not all spirits lead to the true God. Knowing the Bible is the best defence against deception. In Kate’s Book Club, we aim to promote books that are bible-based and that equip Christians to become familiar with Jesus’ teachings so that we can each be discerning. The truth is that many will be deceived in the days of the antichrist since he will come with signs of power. In The Gods of the New Age, Caryl Matrisciana goes into detail on what we can expect the antichrist to look like - a vital teaching for us who live in the last days!


5) Lack of love

All ex-New Agers who come to Jesus Christ have very similar testimonies when it comes to the subject of love. Caryl Matrisciana affirms once again that in exploring all the spiritual experiences that this world has to offer, Jesus Christ alone offers a life of love. In God alone can we truly love Him and love others. A cosmic universe is an imperfect and impotent source of love - it is completely impersonal. The God of the gospel alone is the source of true love. 


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Published by: Harvest House Publishers 

Date: 1985

Goodreads Rating: 4.04

Amazon Rating: 4.1

Movie: Gods of the New Age (Documentary)

Category: Teaching