Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

by John Eldredge & Stasi Eldredge


Category: Gender, Psychology


Stasi and John Eldredge tackle the question of what it means to be a woman of God with profound and refreshing insight into issues of personal identity and scripture.

The Bible does definitely teach that there is a difference between men and women. We are equal in status since we are made in the image of God, but in roles – we each in our role reflect a different aspect of God’s nature. Understanding the our calling as women to reflect God’s glory not only helps us to fulfil this very calling, but can help men to help us too!


1. Stasi and John are experienced teachers.

The authors are able to draw from experiences they have had over time in their ministry, which supports men and women coming to terms with what it means to be created male and female. This book includes many anecdotal stories to illustrate their points, which is always useful in driving the ultimate meaning and understanding the real life application of what they are saying. Stasi Eldredge also shares a lot of her own journey with great humility which is so valuable.


2. It reads well for women of all ages

Any woman can face an identity difficulty, and struggle to understand what it means to be a woman of God. Stories from women of all ages are provided and there are nuggets of truth and revelation to chew on no matter your age. We are all still growing!


3. The importance of women looking to God and not to men for validation

We do this all too easily! As women we often tend toward using our femininity to gain attention or hiding it because we think we are not worthy of attention. This book teaches that in Christ this desire for validation is redeemed: we can be fully satisfied and content in God’s love for us. The book also discusses a concept of ‘true beauty’ and how we can understand the incredible power of ‘true beauty’ in ourselves when we are in Jesus.


4. Do I have to submit to my husband? Is that for real? How do I relate to that?

‘Captivating’ explains that we are both made in the image of God and therefore are both a team in His image. We are a mystery to each other since God in His glory made us so different. It is great to have a resource to lend to your boyfriend or your spouse.


5. It addresses underlying falsehoods and lies about ourselves that we may have absorbed without realising.

‘Captivating’ goes to great pains to unveil some of the underlying beliefs we may have been holding without realising. It is a great relief to realise that sources of low self-esteem and other difficulties are simply rooted in lies that have to be rewritten in the light of God’s truth.