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'Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity'


by Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K Boyd.



This book is a collection of written correspondance between pastor Gregory Boyd and his father, Edward Boyd. The letters contain some of Edward Boyd's objections to Christianity and his son's gentle and faith-filled responses. Questions covered include:


  • Why has Christianity done so much harm?
  • Couldn't it all be by chance?
  • Aren't the gospel accounts full of contradictions?
  • What about the 'holy books' for other religions?
  • How could an all-loving God torture people in an eternal hell?


I'm so excited to dive in and get equipped with some apologetics whilst following the journey of someone reasoning their way toward faith in Jesus!


Read with us and join our live stream next month where we will be discussing some themes and insights found in 'Letters from a Skeptic'!


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